Hydrating Lip Balms

NEW LAUNCH - Pamper your lips with an artisanal touch using our delicately flavoured, organic lip balms. Hand-made with sustainable ingredients and enriched with a nutrient-packed formula, these delicious balms will treat & naturally soften and soothe your lips.

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    NEW Hand & Body Scrub - A must try!!

    With anti-ageing properties this scrub is packed with all the necessary vitamins, minerals & antioxidants to deeply nourish & hydrate your entire body.

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    NEW Deep Hydrating Lip Balms just launched!

    These hand-made exfoliating lip scrubs combine Camellia oil, which is is renowned for its anti-aging properties!

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    Looking For The Perfect Nail & Body Bundle?

    Treat your nails and body to our organic pack, including a 100ml Body Serum, 15ml Nail Serum and a FREE 3ml Pen.

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