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(FREE) 15ml Nail Serum - Secret Winter Scent

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This 15ml Nail Serum is exclusive to our seasonal sales. This secret serum comes in a secret fragrance that is so so beautiful, even our team at the studio were RAVING about this new fragrance!! Trust us, you'll want to try this before the sale ends!

Only available for orders over $100+

(FREE) 15ml Nail Serum - Secret Winter Scent
(FREE) 15ml Nail Serum - Secret Winter Scent
(FREE) 15ml Nail Serum - Secret Winter Scent

Customer Reviews

Based on 290 reviews
Adele McDonald (Brisbane, AU)
Devine smelling and it seems to work

After 0ver 20 YEARS … I took my acrylic nails off !!
Big move , I know … my nails were so soft and damaged i couldn’t even touch them but after using the serum / oil in the bottle at night and the oil pen during the day within one month I’m having to cut them and the damaged nail is already 50% grown out !

J. (Melbourne, AU)
Can’t live without it!!!

I have had flaky weak nails my whole life and believe me I’ve tried everything!
My nails have never grown past the ends of my fingers and have always shown all the layers that have peeled away.
This nail serum has gifted me strong nails that no longer flake or break, it’s a miracle!!
I’ve got all my friends using it and even my 76 year old mum who also loves it
Thank you for creating and selling this serum it’s a total game changer xx

Emma Macdonald (Sydney, AU)
Grow your own.

Ive only been using it for a couple weeks now and my nails have never felt stronger and grown longer
Im so happy with my nails and love the nail serums.
I just wish they wernt so expensive as i would be buying sooo many.
Im a nail tech and would love to stock this to sell to my clients
Its by far the best.
Though they would need to come more often as they are growing amazing and would put me out of business hahah

Heidi (Brisbane, AU)
Amazing stuff!

I’ve been a nail biter all my life and have tried SNS nails and acrylic nails to make them look decent for work. But of course that ruins them even more! It turns out that I have no desire to pick or bite my nails when the are all smooth thanks to this serum - because they are so healthy and strong. I think my nail biting habit was due to the fact that they were in poor condition and flaky and always chipping so they did not feel smooth. This is the longest my nails have ever been - and not 1 has broken and they feel strong enough to keep going. I’m excited to see how long I can grow them!! Totally addicted after 6 weeks of using it now. The only little negative thing that happened was the dropper tube broke in the first few days so I’ve just been tipping a little out onto my finger.
All around a miracle serum. I can’t believe it’s taken me forty years to get to this point of being able to grow my nails!! I’ve passed it on to my mum and son now too. Both nail biters!
Well done team!

Tanya Ormiston (Brisbane, AU)
Nail Serum Pen

I love the product, it is easy to apply and smells beautiful.
My nails are so much stronger, I am recovering from Breast Cancer and the Chemo took all my fingernails and some of my toe nails luckily they are growing back and now thanks to Body Collective they are getting better each day and looking beautiful again. 🌸