The Best Organic, Natural and Nourishing Cuticle Oils.

The Best Organic, Natural and Nourishing Cuticle Oils.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a salon appointment kind of gal, or a DIY mani queen, Cuticle Oil and Nail Serum is an essential beauty item that every woman should own. Honestly, we feel it deserves to be considered a hero in the nail world, as it has the ability to accomplish so much more than you might expect.


According to Tayla Kennedy, a beauty salon owner and 10+ year experienced Nail Technician:

"The benefit of cuticle oil includes supporting overall nail health, promoting nail growth, as well as extending the life of all types of manicures, including polish, gel, and enhancements. Cuticle oil drives moisture into the nail bed and surrounding tissue, which leads to nails having become healthy, strong, and flexible, as well as less prone to breakage, hangnails, and chipping."

Tayla Kennedy | Nailed By Tayla


What are the benefits of Cuticle Oil?

There are many benefits to cuticle oil, such as repairing damaged skin, hydration, stimulate growth, acts as a potent nail strengthening oil and much more. These cuticle oils aren’t just good for promoting strength and repairing damage, they will also drastically improve the appearance of your natural nails by proving a deep hydration and glow to your nail bed.

Repairs nail & skin damage

Repairs nail & skin damage

Cuticles can become chapped, cracked, and dry as a result of excessive cold, sun, salt water, chlorine, or exposure to chlorinated water. There may be times when your cuticle and nail are extremely dry and damaged. When this occurs, cuticle oil can assist in restoring your cuticle and nail to health.

Stimulates nail growth

Stimulates nail growth

You can stimulate the growth of your nails by using cuticle oil to increase the blood circulation around your nails. Using cuticle oil can also help to protect your nail and cuticle from getting damaged. This serum can be used as a potent nail growth serum with incredible results when used consistently.

Works as a nail strengthening oil

Works as a nail strengthening oil

A good quality nail serum will also act as a natural nail strengthening oil. If you paint your nails, cuticle oil can also prevent your polish from chipping and making your polish last longer by adding natural strength to your nails.

Improved appearance and hydration

Improved appearance and hydration

In addition to providing nail strengthening properties, nail serums will also improve the health of your nails as well as the appearance. You can see the difference between a hydrated nail and cuticle bed, compared to a de-hydrated and weakened cuticle.


What to look for in a Cuticle Oil

There are a number of cuticle oils on the market that are formulated by combining oils and other ingredients, which can be a great thing if you have rough, dry cuticles or thin, breaking nails. You should consider oils with hydrating ingredients such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Argan Oil, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil.

It is also essential that your cuticles are moisturised during a manicure treatment in order to soften them so that they can be easily removed if you wish. To prevent future nail breakage, hangnails, and cuticle damage, you can also look for formulas that strengthen and repair cuticles.

Are you going to use cuticle oil at home or on the go? Do you want cuticle oil to be part of your bag? An easy to use cuticle pen may be perfect for you. Do you want it in the bathroom with the other nail products? Traditional brush-on formulas and creams are effective to use as part of your nail care routine.

There are many forms available, from serums in pens or small bottles like this, whatever your need – we’ll have the right cuticle oil product for you. Cuticle oils help support bare nails and prevents polish chips with manicures.


Adding a drop or two of cuticle oil to your hands, nails or cuticles instantly provides moisture and an incredibly beautiful sheen, making them appear better in seconds. Are you thinking about getting a manicure? It is important to apply cuticle oil regularly so that both the cuticles and the nails will remain hydrated, which is a step that is key in preventing polish chips.

Additionally, with just a little oil, it’s possible to spruce up and add shine back to a mani that’s been oiling for a couple weeks or more when there’s no time to wait for the topcoat to dry.


How do you use your nail serum for best results?

Using your cuticle oil is extremely easy and doesn’t take long at all, which is why it’s so simple to include it into your skin care routine – plus the amazing benefit cuticle oil comes with! The first step is to take a few drops of your cuticle oil (also knows as nail serum) and apply it to each nail where the cuticle and skin meet the nail.

Once you have applied your cuticle oil to each nail, simply massage it in with your fingers or a small brush. Now simply let it dry and go on with your daily activities. We recommend not to wet your hands 30 minutes after application for maximum absorption.


What cuticle oils do we recommend?

Our Organic Nail Serums (Also known as Cuticle Oil) promote healthy growth of the natural nail by hydrating, moisturising and nourishing your cuticles directly. Our formula is rich in vitamins and non-greasy, so you won’t be left feeling oily. It will help your extensions last longer, repair damage skin cells and even fight premature ageing!

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