Ex-nail tech’s journey to creating Australia’s fastest growing nail care brand

Ex-nail tech’s journey to creating Australia’s fastest growing nail care brand

Where it all started...

In my twenties, my sole focus was to work on my career as a nail technician. Working in a small salon salon on the Gold Coast, which I loved at the time, eventually moving into my own small nail room in a tanning studio.

What I love the most about being a Nail Technician wasn't just doing nails, it was seeing my beautiful clients leave their appointments happy and filled with confidence. To be honest, my sessions were also usually a "venting" or almost counselling appointments because my clients would just release their emotions and tell me so many things that they've had bottled up.

One of the hardest things I would regularly hear was my clients struggling to grow their own healthy and strong natural nails. Some women would actual tear up telling me how their embarrassed and have confidence issues showing their hands out in public...

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So I started researching, testing, trying cuticle oils that I could find online. But nothing every seemed to work. At the time, a lot of my clients were also coming back saying their nails were dryer or actually worse-off using these cuticles oils.

After looking further into these products, they were all PACKED with chemicals. Parabens, sulphates, ingredients I couldn't even read let alone understand... No wonder they weren't working.


What made me create my Nail Serum

In 2021 I decided to create my own Organic Nail Serum to use on my clients. Something that would not only hydrate and strengthen the nail, but repair damage from acrylics, fix split ends, stop nail biting and help to grow longer natural nails - WITHOUT using any chemicals.

After months of trying different formulas and putting my products together, it was finally ready to be used on my clients... And the results were absolutely incredible!!

Our working formula was made with only 100% Australian Certified Organic Oils, including: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Argan Oil, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil & Certified Organic Almond Oil. If you select a scent, the formula will contain Fragrance and Mica so your hands can smell amazing!

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I knew that there had to be plenty of women like myself and my clients who were looking for the same thing, and I wanted to create a solution that helped women all around the world to feel confident about their nails.


This is when Body Collective was born!

My goal was simple - Create affordable and completely organic nail & body products which provide a real solution to women all across the world, without having to break the bank. We're proud to announce as of March 2024, we have had over 37,000+ women worldwide transform their nails using our serum and this is growing every single day.


I was so proud to introduce an Australian-made, completely organic Nail Serum that actually worked. I started to make content and grow our social media pages and I had no idea about socials or running ads. But I slowly grew our Facebook & Instagram page to a few thousands followers and lucky my partner (and business partner), Clayton, who coincidentally runs a digital marketing agency, was able to take this small business worldwide and give thousands of women access to our products.


What were my biggest challenges?

Did I mention that 6 months into starting my business I found out I was pregnant with my son, Charlie.

The journey was a crazy rollercoaster of emotions. Literally. Being pregnant isn't easy in it's own, but learning and growing another business during this time just adds a whole other world of excitement and struggle. That is why I'm so grateful for my partner who helped take care of everything while I recovered and was able to take time off to work on product development at home with our baby, Charlie.

Weekends were devoted to meticulously tending to our products, while early mornings saw me packaging parcels before heading to work and delivering them to the post office at lunch.

What began as a humble corner in a bedroom soon blossomed into our entire garage, with 3 staff members working down there. Realising the need for a larger space, we transitioned to the Body Collective warehouse nestled at Biggera Waters on the Gold Coast, marking a significant milestone in our journey and growing our team every month.

So what's next?

Growing Body Collective and being a mum has as been a wild ride, full of unexpected twists and turns, but I’m far from done! As we continue to grow, we are focusing on continuously improving by listening to our customer feedback and improving our entire range of both Nail Serums and our new body & lip products.

We are proud to announce our recent expansion into the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and over 140 other countries in 2024!

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