Nail Strength & Growth Serums

Hydrate, nourish and grow those nails with our organic Nail Serum!

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Frequent Questions

Are these suitable for all nails?

Our Organic Nail Serum is perfect for strengthening and growing your natural nails, as well as helping nail enhancements last 1-2 weeks longer. So whether you like to get your nails done and need the extra strength to help them last longer, or if you’re trying to hydrate, strengthen and grow your natural nails, this Serum will be perfect for you!

When can I see results?

Once you apply your Nail Serum to your nails, it will absorb into your nail after about a minute, which is where you will notice a visible change in the hydration of your cuticles and nails. Here’s what you can expect over the coming weeks.

Days 1-7 | During the first few days of using your serum, you’ll start to notice a consistent improvement in skin hydration around your cuticles and finger tips.

Days 7-14 | After 7 days, this is where you’ll see a noticeable improvement in nail growth. Just make sure you don’t pick or bite at your nails during this time!

Days 14-21 | Your nails are starting to repair and strengthen any damage under your nail bed and around your finger tips, and improving your overall nail health.

Days 21+ | From here and onwards, you’ll continually see improvements in your nails, from strengthening, nail growth and cuticle health.

*results vary from person to person. Some people may take longer then others to see results.

Can I use my nail serum on my toe nails?

Yes, you can absolutely use our Nail Serum on your toenails! It's designed to strengthen and nourish nails, so feel free to apply it to both your fingernails and toenails for healthy, beautiful results.

Are the pens and droppers the same Nail Serum?

Yes, both the Nail Pens and Droppers are the same serum, just in a different applicator. Pens are great to have for on-the-go and the brush applicator is SO SATISFYING to use. The droppers are great to keep in your bathroom to apply a few drops each morning or afternoon as part of your routine.